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5 surprising uses for RFID technology

Technological advances are nothing new. But when applied correctly, new technology can help our businesses run more cheaply and effectively. While RFID technology is nothing new, we are discovering more and more commercial uses for it to improve both efficiency and customer experience.

What is RFID?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track any object or person it is attached to. This means that you can track anything from individual stock items, to your customers as they journey through your store.

Here are 5 surprising uses for RFID technology:

1. Tracking stock

Retailers have started investing millions in the efficiencies RFID technology can buy, particularly in the area of stock management. The technology allows retailers to track their stock through the supply chain from manufacture & store delivery through to storage and purchase.

And while the benefits might sound purely one sided, the technology is also helping to improve customer experience. RFID tags on each item stocked in-store allows faster restocking of shelves and location of specific products – giving the customer access to the product they want, and making it easier for them to purchase.

Check out lifestyle giant Lululemon’s introduction of RFID into their stock process, and how it has not only saved staff time but all improved their instore customer experience.

2. Member access

Gone (should be) the days of the barcoded membership card for your VIP customers and members. RFID cards or wristbands give customers easy access into a members section at your gym, airport lounge or VIP room.

RFID products also allow businesses to store customer information and even track the facilities that members use more frequently, as well as the length of their stay. This can help business to personalise each individual customer experiences and create future experiences.

3. Customer loyalty

In the same way, RFID technology can be used instead of plastic loyalty cards – allowing the customer to swipe each time they purchase. Not only will it store loyalty points, but it can also be used to store information about the customer like their favourite coffee, birthday or the last time they purchased from you. This allows businesses to reward customer individually and tailor the customer experience.

4. Improving the dressing room experience

If you haven’t yet had a smart fitting room experience, you probably will soon. Some bigger retailers are starting to introduce RFID technology in their fitting rooms using product RFID tags together with smart mirrors to help customers find the perfect fit and increase sales.

The fitting room smart mirrors automatically identify RFID tags on individual items of clothing, and allow shoppers a 360 degree view of what they’re trying on. Customers can change the colour or pattern of the fabric to other options in the range and even try on virtual accessories. If they’re still on the fence or would like to see other sizes, smart mirrors allow them to order another size automatically by requesting it with a staff member on the floor – all without leaving the fitting room. 

Source: https://www.lsnglobal.com/micro-trends/article/16876/smart-fitting-rooms

5. No swipe ticketing

If you’ve ever been to a busy amusement park, no doubt you would have had the unfortunate experience of lining up for popular rides. RFID technology is now being used to ease line and ticketing issues. A plastic card equipped with RFID tag allows visitors to make their way throughout the park without having to show tickets, reducing wait times and staff levels.

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