Combo Cards

The combo card is a product solution with a point of difference that would appeal to a wider audience at store level and as a pathway into the rapidly expanding world of E-commerce. Our combo cards have been developed with both on-site store and direct mail applications in mind.

The Redegroup combo card is made up of a one piece plastic unit and consists of a standard plastic card with the option of one or two keytags with high quality variable graphics & personalisation, all scored to break away cleanly and quickly. Since all data, barcodes and graphics are done at time of printing, there are no additional costs for personalisation under the laminate to avoid any scuffing making cards & tags last longer.
Clients are also capitalizing on our pay as you go option, eliminating the need for excess $$$ to be spent on unnecessary redundant stock and our online ordering system which allows for multiple site store ordering of product.

The Redegroup combo cards are designed to offer as a 3 fold sale for goods & services tool. The family’s most frequent shopper can use the card. Then a referred audience made up of other family members and friends are captured by key tags. Other combination options makes for couponing or cobranding and other advertising opportunities. The Redegroup combo card product can be used for loyalty, frequency, membership and promotional buying programs. For direct mail programs, the combo card can be matched and attached to any kind to mailer and lodged with Australia Post


Some examples of variable data printing