Event passes

Plastic event passes and ticketing to give your event a boost

Both practical & promotional, plastic event passes & tickets are a great addition to your next event

Plastic card event passes and tickets will not only help brand your event beautifully, but will help your line move event faster. Let us help with the bar coding and customising for quick and easy access for your guests.

There are a range of uses for our event passes & tickets:

  • Fast and easy entry to your event: Avoid lines at the entrance with barcoded plastic card passes and tickets.
  • Access to different parts of the event: Use our event passes to give certain guests access to VIP sections or special events
  • Keep accurate data: We can help make sure that your swipe system lines up with the event passes and cards so you have accurate data on your guests and visitors.

Let us help you with your event pass printing

Our expert team at Redegroup can help you customise your event passes with your event branding, along with bar codes and other unique tracking identifiers to help your visitors easy access to the event. And we don’t just print your order and leave you to deal with the coding. We generate the data and choose the right coding to work with your system. We can even provide a live sample for you to test before the printing of your order is complete.

Check out our RFID smart cards and wristbands

Our RFID smart cards and wristbands will give your guests contactless entry to members or VIP sections of your event. Your guests will feel special and exclusive and it will make lines move even faster. Find out more about our RFID smart cards and wristbands here.

We can also help you with:


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