Gift cards

Redegroup is one of the largest providers of gift card printing solutions in Australia. These attractive and colourful gift cards have a strong merchandising impact which is instantly popular with both the customer and the retailer. Our Gift Card printing solutions have benefited many companies across Australia.

Redegroup plastic gift cards are high impact, fully customised and easily merchandised vouchers that customers can select themselves and which can be located anywhere in the store where will they make the most impact. The retailer is protected from theft by the fact that the card cannot be used until activated by payment at the cash register.

Unlike paper vouchers, they can be:

  • Actively displayed in the retail environment
  • Designed to target specific products, seasons or occasions
  • Co-brand with suppliers, sponsors or manufacturers logos
  • Cut to any customised shape
  • Improved tracking & management
  • Added security and less maintenance
  • Simple to introduce to staff and customers when selling

  • Variable Data Printing Fields
  • 1 Setup
  • Data sits underneath the laminate

High and low coercivity magnetic stripes available

Write on signature panels

Vinyl scratch panels available

A full range of 1D and 2D
bar codes available

Redegroups successful on-demand service is the perfect solution of printing plastic gift cards. Many high profile companies benefit from our on-demand digital print solution.
After creating a base image we can produce any denomination Gift Card, just by making the denomination a variable field. Combining this feature with our on-demand service, companies can produce any quantity of virtually any denomination gift card, on monthly basis as they require them. By producing cards on-demand, you only pay for what you use at the end of each calendar month.

Some examples of variable data printing