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Perks of POS Managed Gift Cards

Offering recipients the freedom of choice and stress free buying, gift cards are quickly becoming a go to solution for shoppers right across the globe. For businesses, this places an added pressure to ensure a simple, streamlined solution that allows for a quality shopping experience. Here are few reasons why managing your gift cards with a POS system may be the best solution for your business.

It’s all about customer experience

The number one priority of any business is to offer the best experience to their customers. With a gift card service managed by your POS system, you are able to take shopping to a whole new level as you simplify the purchasing process and offer your shoppers new and exciting ways to pick up their favourite products.

With simple features that allow you to activate, process and check the balance on cards, you’ll be able to focus on the more important things such as building rapport with every shopper and ensuring they leave with a positive outlook on your business and staff.

Keep it simple

While we place a lot of focus on the customer, managing gift cards using your POS system is also a great option for you staff as it streamlines the process required to reconcile transactions. A POS solution allows you to simplify your business operations and ensure your transaction records are accurate. With all the information in front of you, you are also able to track trends, outstanding balances and sales, ultimately identifying how successful your gift card advertising really is.

With a deeper insight into your business operations, you will be able to make those all important decisions that will lead to further growth and customer loyalty.

Free advertising and increased loyalty
As gift cards are usually bought for family members, friends or even employees, this means your business is instantly gaining access to brand new customers every time someone gives one of your cards out. Not only will these new customers have a purpose for entering your store, they’ll also be inclined to return if they don’t spend the entire amount in one transaction.

Increase your revenue

With gift cards that are easy to issue, activate and manage, your staff will be more likely to sell them successfully. What’s more, typically a shopper will spend more than the value offered on the gift card during their visit. This leads to more revenue for your business.