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Plastic loyalty card

Paper vs plastic loyalty cards

The paper loyalty card, with a hole punch or stamp to indicate a purchase, is still surprisingly popular in the cafe & hospitality world. So, we wanted to outline the reasons we just love a plastic loyalty card – and you should too! Read through our reasons to swap your paper loyalty cards for plastic & get ready to throw out your good ol’ hole punch.

Why are the benefits of plastic loyalty cards?


#1. They last longer

One of the best things about plastic loyalty card being used by customers, is that they have a much longer life than their cardboard counterparts. Your customers don’t have to be continually picking up a new card – they can keep the same one forever accumulating points and earning them rewards. And being plastic, they’ll last even longer in your customer’s wallet.

And as the plastic environmental debate rages around us, we feel we have to stick up for the humble plastic loyalty card. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for eradicating single use plastic products – such as straws and disposable cutlery. Plastic loyalty cards are far from a single use item, and should outweigh the energy it takes to create 10 or more paper cards.

#2. They create less work for your staff

We all know how busy it can get in a cafe at lunchtime or the morning coffee rush. Anything you can do to make the line go quicker is worth it, right? While paper loyalty cards have to be hold punched, stamped or signed (which often results in the staff member looking for the closest pen / stamp), plastic voucher can be scanned, instantly tallying the purchase points for their next reward.

#3. They can give you extra information 

As plastic loyalty card can be kept forever by your customer, it can accumulate a lot of extra information about your customer that you wouldn’t have had with the cardboard or paper version. What coffee do they like? When’s their birthday? What rewards do they prefer? are all examples of information you can store about your customer on their very own plastic scan-able loyalty card. It gives you more ability to tailor the buying experience to the individual customer – making their purchase more enjoyable.

Redegroup can help you swap your cardboard for plastic

Our expert team at Redegroup can help custom design your very own loyalty cards for your business, and set them up in your POS system. Find out more about our loyalty cards here.

And we don’t just print your order and leave you to deal with the coding. We generate the data and choose the right coding to work with your system. We can even provide a live sample for you to test before the printing of your order is complete.

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