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The resurgence of the key tag: why it’s your best branding opportunity in a digital world

You might look at the humble plastic key tag and be sceptical of its relevance in the market today. But the key tag has some hidden marketing power. In a world of contactless payments and loyalty card apps, it means fewer people are carrying bags and wallets.

While these advances in technology have seen more people leaving their wallets at home, everyone still needs to carry their keys, giving businesses a powerful branding opportunity.

They have some pretty potent branding power, but they’re not all fluff. They can also provide some valuable insights for businesses into consumer spending habits and help shape your promotions in the future.

Why are key tags becoming so popular?


#1. Everyone carries their keys

While wallets are becoming less of a requirement when leaving the house, most people still require their house or car keys. If you can get your customers to put your brand on their keys, you’ll be benefiting from a huge amount of free advertising. On the flip side, there’s not much space available on a key ring so you’ve got to come up with some valuable reason for customers to give that limited space to you.

#2. They’re low cost but high impact

It’s not often that a marketing opportunity comes up that’s as low cost and high impact as the key tag. They’re cheap and flexible enough to be personalised to your business with different shapes and colours. Want a key tag in the shape of a donut for your donut shop? Easy! Key tags can be laser cut into any shape and printed with your own images making them easily personalised to your campaign or business.

#3. They can double as a loyalty card

They don’t have to be all about branding either. Key tags can have a number of other uses for you and your customers. In fact, making them more useful to your customer could guarantee you the space on their key ring. They can be printed with barcodes or security chipped, allowing them to double as entry passes into VIP sections or lockers, or used as a customer loyalty card.

#4. They can give you valuable insights into your customer

Printing them with a unique identifier means that every time they’re scanned, your business is gaining valuable insight about your customer. If you’re using it as a loyalty card, you can get some fantastic insight into the purchase habits of your customers, what they like to buy and which promotions might get them more engaged with your business.

#5. They can help customers engage easily with your business

If you’ve ever been stuck at a register digging through your wallet trying to find the right loyalty card for the store you’re in, you’ll appreciate the ease of having a loyalty card or access pass on your key ring. Are you a retail business? Your customers likely have dozens of loyalty cards in their wallet. Make yours easily accessible and high visible by giving them a key tag instead. Are you a gym or members association? Your members could swipe their key tag for easy access to the members-only section or locker.

Redegroup can help you with your key tags or combo cards

Our expert team at Redegroup can help you custom design your key tags with your brand, personalised barcodes or other unique tracking identifiers to help your customers engage with your business and promote your brand easily. Key tags usually live in pockets and handbags and need to be very hard wearing – there’s nothing worse than trying to scan a key tag when the code has worn off! Our high quality tags also include under-laminate printing at no extra cost, making your key tags last longer.

And we don’t just print your order and leave you to deal with the coding. We generate the data and choose the right coding to work with your system. We can even provide a live sample for you to test before the printing of your order is complete.

Click here to order a sample pack of our key tags & combo cards or click here to request a quote from our team.

Check out our Combo cards

Our combo cards are made up of a plastic loyalty card with the option of 1 or 2 key tags attached, giving you the opportunity to have your brand in the customer’s wallet, on their keys or lanyard. Find out more about our combo cards here.