Variable Data Printing

Varied data in one easy setup – Our Variable Data Printing services

Our variable data printing services allow you to print different info & images across a range of cards with one easy setup.

Do you want to personalise your event passes or loyalty cards with different information? Or showcase different product images across a range of gift cards? Then variable data printing is for you! Redegroup are experts in variable data printing allowing you to print varied images and information in one print order with one basic setup.

Let us help you with your variable data printing

Starting with a base design, the team at Redegroup create variable data fields to accommodate any kind of variable information – graphics, text, barcodes and more – from a database provided by you. This can all be achieve in one easy setup and completed with under-laminate printing to make your cards last longer.

And we don’t just print your order and leave you to deal with the coding. We generate the data and choose the right coding to work with your system. We can even provide a live sample for you to test before the printing of your order is complete.

An example of variable data printing

This is an example of a plastic card ticketing & admission system using variable data printing. Jobs with this kind of complexity can be produced quickly and efficiently by the Redegroup team. In this example, the variable data includes the type of admission (staff), the part of the Zoo open to the ticket holder (Elephant Pavilion), barcode and images.

The front variable content                                                                                     


The back variable content


Check out our range of plastic card products

We have a huge range of plastic card products which can include variable data printing. We can create custom gift cards, membership & loyalty cards, RFID smartcards, combo cards and key tags all with variable images and information. Talk to us directly about your variable data printing needs on 1800 815 512 or fill out the contact form to get a quote.

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Some examples of variable data printing