Key tags

Custom plastic key tags keep your brand top of mind with customers at a low cost

Both practical & promotional, custom plastic key tags are the perfect way to keep your brand top of mind with customers.

When thinking about promotional items for your business, it’s hard to go past the traditional branded key tag. High quality, high impact and low cost – our key tags are a perfect way to keep you brand top of mind with your customer. In fact – they’ll carry it everywhere they go!

In this digital world, more and more people are leaving their wallets at home – but of course – taking their keys with them. This gives businesses a unique opportunity to get loads of free branding. Read our blog post: The resurgence of the key tag – why it’s your best branding opportunity in a digital world

You can use promotional key tags in a number of ways:

  • As a loyalty card: Are you a retail business? Your customers likely have dozens of gift cards in their wallet. Make yours easily accessible and high visible by giving them a plastic key tag instead.
  • As a member card: Are you a gym or members association? Your members could swipe their custom key tag for easy access to the members-only section.
  • To help if your customers lose their keys: Why not put customer codes on your key tags with “if lost return to [your business]”? This will prove very handy should they be lost and someone hand them in.
  • For pure branding: Are you a community organisation, sports club or government association? Your customers could easily promote organisation via their branded key tags.

Let us help you with your key tag printing

Our expert team at Redegroup can help you custom design your plastic key tags with your brand and personalise bar codes and other unique tracking identifiers to help your customers engage with your business and promote your brand easily. And we don’t just print your order and leave you to deal with the coding. We generate the data and choose the right coding to work with your system. We can even provide a live sample for you to test before the printing of your order is complete.

Key tags are usually live in pockets and handbags and need to be very hard wearing – there’s nothing worse than trying to scan a key tag when the code has worn off! Our high quality tags also include under-laminate printing at no extra cost, making your key tags last longer.

Check out our Combo cards

Our combo cards are made up of a plastic loyalty card with the option of 1 or 2 key tags attached, giving you the opportunity to have your brand in the customer’s wallet, on their keys or lanyard. Find out more about our combo cards here.

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