RFID Smart Cards
& Wristbands

Keeping your workplace secure with our RFID products

Our RFID technology products have a range of uses, from making your business more efficient, keeping your workplace secure for employees, through to improving your customer experience. We have smartcards, wristbands and everything in between.

Uses for RFID technology:

  • Tracking stock
  • Entry passes for members sections
  • Loyalty cards which can also store customer information
  • Security for your workplace and employees
  • No swipe ticketing

Think about using RFID for your store

RFID technology and tags can help you improve efficiencies in your store, and improve your customer experience. Track your stock through the supply chain from manufacture through to storage and purchase. RFID product tags can help your staff restock your store more efficiently and give customers access to the product they want faster and make it easier for them to purchase.

Let us create an RFID program for your workplace

Any workplace, office or institution that wants to remain secure, keep its property and workers safe and create an easy and efficient way for employees to check-in and check-out should seriously consider implementing a swipe or identification card solution with our Redegroup team. Regardless of whether you’re upgrading an existing system or looking to outfit a new office build from the ground-up, it’s no problem for our team to custom-tailor a solution that suits you.

Every one of our products is made from durable, high-quality materials, and is produced to our exacting standards. We are proud to provide our clients with cards that we would be proud to use ourselves, and we ensure that they incorporate only the most cutting-edge and up-to-date technology.

Find out more about our variable data printing

If you’re looking for RFID smartcards, you’re likely looking for variable data printing services. Variable data printing allows you to bulk print plastic cards while containing different information on each card. You might need variable data printing to contain different information for each customer, or display a different image on each card. Find out more about our variable data printing here.

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Smart Cards & Wristbands

  • Serial Memories
  • Microcontroller cards
  • Protected Memories
  • Contactless cards

Smart Card Hardware

  • Desktop reader/writer
  • Hand-held reader/writer
  • PDA reader/writer
  • Micro readers & Keyboard readers

Operating Systems

  • ACOS1
  • Basic Card
  • JAVA

We can also help you with:

Some examples of variable data printing